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SuperBowl BBQ Cook

If you want to follow along with my SuperBowl Cook here you go…. Chicken Thighs, Boston Butt, Spare and Babyback Ribs….



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Got everything Trimmed and Rubbed ready for the smoker … got everything on smoker and starting on the sauces… Hope you enjoy the pictures!

BBQ on the Green Mountian


Well, been spritzing the ribs and butt every 15 mins or so and just getting ready to wrap everything:

Here are the babies:


Not so exctiing of a picture but they are wrapped and here is what they are wrapped in:




Now the Boston:


Well, I left the baby backs on too long and they were over cooked and mushy since I was watching times on the spares I totally forgot that the babies would cook so much quicker. On top of that I had the butt going which I have never cooked so much at once before. I took the chick thighs off for an early snack and they were a big hit. Pulled was great and still eating in as well as the spares were as good as I always make them. Overall a B+ cook. Chicken great, Spares Great, Pulled Good and baby backs fair….



Pulled completed

Chicken Thighs