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So I got a chance to go to Bartlesville, Ok for a business trip

second (1 of 11) I am sure if you know the area in anyway you will know where I was or what I was doing there. I will leave that part of the research up to you. First thing that sprung to mind for me was “I’m going to get some great BBQ while there.”

I did my research and found the two places that I wanted to try:



Dink’s BBQ


Why these two? Well, RibCity sounds like I would like it as if you have read any of my articles I love Ribs. RibCity was well rated and right outside my hotel so it was on the list. The next was Dink’s as it looked like the kind of place that was going to be great. I have looked at the reviews, looked at the pictures and it looked like a major winner.

First we start with RibCity the first night I was there, got off the plane drove up from Tulsa and I was hungry. My order was Rib’s with three second (6 of 11)sides; I will say that it was a big bag full of food. The place was newer and looked like a chain, had the old school look, but it was mostly new. Service was great on togo as well. Took the food back to my hotel room and went to town, or so I thought.

The Ribs were way over done in my opinion, past fall off the bone, and did not have much rub on them at all. I was disappointed in the dry, the low flavor rib. I have to tell you if your called RibCity my expectations are much higher than this. Sides where what you expect, mac and cheese, beans and roll. I was ok with the sides, but overall the experience was fair.

Second day I had a customer dinner so I did not have a chance to try the next place and the day after I was wondering if I would have enough time to be able to get my BBQ fix in.

Some of my meetings got over early and I was able to check out of the hotel, get my bags packed, changed out of a suit and tie into jeans and T. Off to Dinks!

I was encouraged when I pulled up, as it was an old school, old building BBQ joint with lots of cars. These are all good signs to get started. I parked and mad my way inside; first thing I noticed is they were settling T-shirts with the name of the place on it. I am feeling good about this, even better when they sit me down and tell me its ALL YOU COULD EAT RIB NIGHT! Well, you do not have to twist my arm. Ribs please!second (2 of 11)

First plate comes with typical sides and I start into some Spares. They had more flavor than the last place, but not a great flavor. More rub, it was OK at best and the ribs were cooked better, but still not great. Candidly, I have had a better rack of ribs at Chills… I didn’t fill up too much and they told me the cobbler was great so I went for the Cherry Cobbler and I will say that it was the best thing I ate the whole time at either place.


Overall, maybe I set my expectations too high, maybe I like my ribs a little more rubbed and cooked competition style. My trip did not produce what I was looking for so I was bummed.

My solution was to come home, do two racks of Spares my way, Vegas Cut, and share them with my wife. Ah, much better!