Stamey’s Old Fashioned Barbecue BBQ Review – I guess….

Stamey’s Old Fashioned Barbecue – I guess….


One of the great things I get to do while traveling is try new restaurants and especially with my love for BBQ I normally try to find at least one on a trip to check out. While doing some research on a trip to Greensboro, NC all indications from my web searching was that Stamey’s was the place to go.

I was in a training class while on this trip and asked the teacher who was a native of the area the same question and without hesitation he said the same thing… Stamey’s… he also told me that you had to go to the original one, which was by the Greensboro Coliseum and that one of their claim to fame, is that George W. Bush ate there while he was President. Well – I figured good enough for W. good enough for me ☺


The building was a cool old building with old fashion stools and a counter top bar and it was pretty full for a Tuesday night. Not overall full but full enough for me to think I was getting some good food.

Sat down an asked the waitress for some ribs and a diet coke which as you could tell by my pictures is one of the best things I cook as well as a way I judge BBQ restaurants. To my dismay… No ribs at all and diet Pepsi only… That started my questions about Stamey’s… if you are at all a soda drinker you have your favorite and if its one brand other the other… you really don’t like the other and are disappointed when that’s all they have. No matter – I’m in North Carolina and I lived in the state before what else but Sweet Tea to order… perfect. Still – I couldn’t get over no ribs at a BBQ joint that is suppose to be the best in the city…. One side note about the sweat tea – in NC it’s normally so sweat that you’re filling hurt… in a good way. This wasn’t… in fact I was wondering if I had to add more sugar but I digress.



Well – I figured I was there what the heck. Waitress what is the best thing on the menu I asked? She said the sliced with hushpuppies. Perfect send me an order!

So – my disappointment continued. This was the smallest plate of BBQ I think I have ever gotten. I mean a McRib was bigger:


I was there and I was hungry – so I dug in. The sliced was ok… a little dry but I tried some of their Stamey’s sauce which helped. Of course vinegar based NC sauce. Nothing out of the ordinary just your average sauce.

Best part of the small plate of food was the Hushpuppies – were golden on the inside and crispy on the outside. I finished them all!

With really good service – and I am serious about that the wait staff was as nice as they could be… she asked if I saved room for desert (their peach cobbler was supposed to be awesome I was told by the teacher). I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t have to save room so without being a wise guy I placed an order of cobbler.

It was December and I’m a Florida boy right now so it was really cold outside and I didn’t order with ice cream. The cobbler was simply amazing it was worth the drive and the dry sliced. If you order one thing at Stamey’s… Order the cobbler!


Overall – my first night in Greensboro BBQ was disappointing. No Ribs, No Diet Coke, weak Sweet Tea and a very small pate of food…. I hate to give bad reviews because maybe it was a one-time thing, I got there at the wrong time or something but I was disappointed. I now wonder what W. thought! ☺


  1. Having done research on barbecue in North Carolina and eating at over 410 restaurants serving barbecue in North Carolina for my book “A ‘Q’ Review”, I must offer the following statement: North Carolina barbecue is CHOPPED PORK, NOT ribs or brisket or chicken or mutton or sliced pork or ANY other meat! It is NOT surprising at all that you could NOT find ribs at a Q-joint in NC! And to order “sliced” pork is just doing real NC Q a dis-service!
    As for Pepsi instead of Coke – Pepsi was born in NC, Coke was born in Georgia. Finding the sweet tea not sweet enough is truly surprising! Finally, the TRUE barbecue desert in NC is banana puddin’.

    • Thanks Tom – yeah the Pepsi vs Coke is just a personal thing for me :) I lived in Charlotte for 5 years and never had a challenge finding ribs so it was a surprise for me. When I was looking at other plates coming out the BBQ chicken looked like the best thing in the place. Normally – I would order a combo that would allow me to try a little of everything but I went with the recommendation of the wait staff. I think the sweet tea (or lack of) was the biggest surprise! :) Thanks for the comments and would love to get a link to your book if you would like to post.

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