Green Mountain Grill – Prime Rib Cook

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Green Mountain Grill – Prime Rib Cook


So I have wanted to do a Prime Rib ever since I got this grill. Green Mountain Grill and Prime Rib just sounded like a great combination to me. I have cooked ribs and butts several times but due the lack of time lately for cooking I didn’t know what I would be cooking next…

Finally I just said that’s it Sunday Dinner this week is Prime Rib!

Stopped by Publix and had them trim me up a nice 4 bone Rib Roast with really nice marbling. This was a little more expensive than I thought but hey how often do you do this. I figured it was worth the little extra to crank up a nice Prime Rib.


I love Garlic Butter – I mean I’m Italian so of course I love garlic so … I made a quick butter, olive oil, thyme, sage, and oregano. Nothing fancy because it really doesn’t need it I like to get my roasts and for that matter all my beef at room temp when I cook it so I mixed up the butter and spread it on…



Then I got my Apple Pellets in the smoker and cranked it up to 500 for a searing. I wasn’t sure that this was a good idea at the time but turned out to be a great idea. 10 mins on each side at 500 degrees really locked in the juices…

Once I flipped it back then I lowered the temperature to 325 and let the smoker just do its thing. I had made a spritz for ribs but I didn’t have the time to make the ribs too so I only spritzed the roast in the last hour about 2-3 times. In retrospect I should have spritzed more as I think it could have added to the crust but it really didn’t need it.

After about 3 hours the temperature was reading 120, which is around where I wanted to pull it. Since my wife and daughter like a little more medium than medium rare I decided to leave it on until 125.


At this point I pulled and wrapped in foil and then in several towels to let rest for 20/30 minutes. I wanted to make a few sides to complete the meal that also let the meat rest for a while.

I was out the same day and decided to pick up an electric knife, which I had never used before but have been thinking about getting for ribs and brisket. I really love technology if you can’t tell by my blog and as I have watched more and more pitmasters it seems to be becoming more common than in the past.

As you could see by the below picture the slides were large (Texas cut for sure) since I was learning how to use the knife as well as this cut of meat they were larger than I would normally cut but hey they were amazing. Knife cut through like it was butter and that is because it was. It was perfectly cooked and juicy as anything I have cooked.


Needless to say we had a lot of left overs but who doesn’t like Prime Rib for breakfast?? Kidding… it will get eaten for sure in our house! First experience cooking this meat – wasn’t hard at all but really good. Overall I would highly recommend this for a party or big crowd… Really is a great cut and everyone loved it.


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